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Pray it Ūp (playful) | Travel mug with a handle

Pray it Ūp (playful) | Travel mug with a handle

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Pray it Ūp. It's something you do in those in-between moments during the day. You know, when God is there waiting for you to talk to Him. This fun phrase reminds and encourages you to: pause, pray, proceed.

Sip in style and comfort with an elevated travel mug. With its sleek and durable design, you’ll love taking this mug wherever you go. It fits into most car cup holders and has a spill-proof plastic lid. Commute to work or go on new adventures—this travel mug will keep your beverage safe and at just the right temperature.

• Made with stainless steel and BPA-free plastic
• Capacity: 25 oz (739 ml)
• Upper diameter: 3.3″ × 6.9″ (8.4 × 20 cm)
• Bottom diameter: 2.7″ × 6.9″ (7 × 20 cm)
• Hand-wash only

Caution! To prevent steam pressure buildup, always open the lid before placing it on a hot drink.
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