Our Story

KLŪ took root in my life long ago when someone who loved Jesus shared three simple words: Keep looking up! 

As a kid, my Uncle Dave (a spiritual role model for me) used that phrase when saying goodbye to me. Again, and again, and again. 

So, I started saying it to others – maybe before I fully grasped its meaning. At some point, it just became a part of me. People even knew me by it at different points in my life. 

And, yes, I eventually figured out what the phrase meant: to look to God for everything (See 1 Thessalonians 5:16-18, Psalm 34:4-5, Psalm 53:2), or at least try to. 

Fast forward to my grown-up years. After a long legal career (much of it in the courtroom), God called me to take my communication skills and work with my family from home on something decidedly different. 

One night I woke up with an exciting idea: "Keep Looking Up" reduces to an acronym that sounds like the word clue.  The wordplay potential was too much to resist (catch a KLŪ, I'll give you one KLŪ, KLŪ in, etc.).  I love working with words and the power they hold to plant a seed, cultivate a heart, grow a smile, change a life.

My wife and I knew this KLŪ thing had legs – we just didn’t know exactly what to do with it. 

So, one thing led to another, and we launched what I now affectionately call KLŪ 1.0 as a faith-sharing tool.  I thought people would just get it, or, more importantly, be drawn into a conversation about God.  But that's not what happened. 

A big part of the was the idea of KLŪ took too much explaining.  And, admittedly, I got nervous about earning a living.  So, I stepped away from KLŪ just when I should have pressed in.  Funny how fear makes more sense when faced with it, but less sense when it's behind you.

Fast forward to KLŪ 2.0.  With the benefit of hindsight, a new approach to KLŪ took shape.  KLŪ would become the umbrella brand for all the things I believe we as believers want to say, that we need to say in these challenging times. True things, good things, things that matter. And with KLŪ 2.0 we’re saying those things with words that don’t need much explaining.  Stirring words you can savor.  

KLŪ 2.0 is a leap of faith, quite literally a brand of belief. It’s mission: Kingdom-minded merchandise reclaiming culture 

If you’re like me, you’re tired of watching our Christian values get trampled – by folks who, well, need a dose of truth. But truth offends. What to do?  Perhaps part of the solution is found in Proverbs 3:3a, which directs us to hold on tightly to kindness and truth. 

The collections of messages and designs on our website speak truth-in-kindness. Sometimes with a wink, sometimes a wince (truth convicts all of us). Either way, the goal of KLŪ 2.0 is to affirm the Christian life and reclaim cultural territory with messages that call out to all people from where they want to be.  

Our little Kingdom-minded company is built around family: me, my wife, and our two homeschooled daughters. We want to make an impact for Him with messaging that makes sense of today’s mixed-up world.  Join us!  

It's time for our Christian sub-culture of silence to reclaim territory by staking claim with the Good News.  If sharing it boldly isn't where you're at, then KLŪ allows you to wear it everywhere you'll be.  Wearing is sharing.  Time to suit up. 

Keep Looking Ūp, 

R.M. Bradshaw 


P.S.:  Below is our original promo video for KLŪ 1.0. Vintage 2019, sweet notes with an earthy nose.