Sharing for the Rest of Ūs

Ever been afraid to share your faith in today’s mixed-up culture? Then you need an easier way to share Jesus while still being you. But how does an everyday believer actually start a conversation on faith?

You don’t start it, you invite the conversation using the KLŪ Tool Set. The other person starts the conversation, and in five seconds or less you plant a simple seed of hope. It’s ridiculously simple, and it will change the way you think about sharing.

Stop worrying. Start sharing. With KLŪ.

Start sharing with KLŪ today!

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How does it work?

KLŪ is a flexible, three-way approach to pointing the way to Jesus without coming off as, well, uncool. It’s based upon the phrase, "Keep looking up™!"

Each approach builds off the others. That’s why we call it a faith-sharing tool set.

All the tools extend a non-overt (i.e., not in-your-face), passive invitation for someone to ask you a softball question. You can knock it out of the park with a short, sweet, and relatable response.

The key is the word Up. Most people relate heaven with the sky above. And Up has a common, positive appeal. KLŪ simply connects the literal to the figurative and points the way to the goodness of God.

So, whether you say it, gesture it, or wear it, you are doing Kingdom work.

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The KLŪ Tool Set

1. Say it!

  • Say "Keep looking up" instead of "Bye"
  • Write "Keep Looking Up," instead of "Sincerely,"
  • Simply say or write "KLŪ" when exiting the scene

2. Gesture it!

  • Point up (to God!) when saying goodbye
  • Point up (to heaven!) from a distance
  • Point the way (up!) without saying a word

3. Wear it!

  • Sport one of several KLŪ t-shirt designs
  • Wear a unique KLŪ wristband
  • Slap a sturdy KLŪ sticker on your car, water bottle, or phone

All for One, One for All

It’s easy to get started! The first two tools are free. Our KLŪ Gear™ offers additional (and fun!) ways to customize how you invite faith sharing conversations.

Build Your KLŪ Community

KLU gives you a way to easily identify others doing the same both inside and, more importantly, outside church walls.

The next time you notice someone using a KLŪ tool, say "Hey!" Now there’s a conversation you can start!

Let's do something BIG!

The more we all KLŪ, the more we encourage each other, the more we drive curiosity, the bigger Kingdom impact we can have – together.

KLŪ: Sharing solved.

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