Finding the Heart to Share Your Faith

In this post, we take a step back from faith-sharing techniques and discuss how a shift in focus can help those struggling to find the courage to finally start sharing.

So, you’ve got a heart for Jesus. And you have a heart for other people, too.

But if you’re honest about it, you struggle with having the heart for sharing your faith.

What does that mean – not having the heart for something? We use that phrase to shy away from an opportunity or choice. And one reason for doing so is a lack of courage.

When you say you don’t have the heart for faith sharing, it’s not that you think it’s unimportant. You just don’t feel motivated to get past the fear associated with it. And you may even some guilt about shying away from sharing opportunities.

If that sounds like you, then, you’re in the right place.

Here at KLŪ, we want to come alongside you on a faith journey, not a guilt trip.  And in three steps, I’m going to show you how to trade fear for joy and get to the faith sharing you were born again to do.

1. Claim the Promise: Faith

We know fear is a normal response to faith sharing. We know there are tools to help sidestep that fear.

And yet, you still haven’t really given sharing the old college try.

Want to know the key? It’s your heart.

Jesus was once asked, ““Teacher, which commandment is greatest in the law?” And [Jesus] said to him, “‘You shall love the Lord your God with all your heart and with all your soul and with all your mind.’ This is the greatest and first commandment. And the second is like it: ‘You shall love your neighbor as yourself.’” (Matthew 22:36–39)

And later, Jesus also called us to share our faith with others and promised to be with us when we do (Matthew 28:16-19).

Now let’s do the math.  Do you really think God would tell you to do these three hugely important things (love God, love others, and make disciples) without first equipping you to succeed?

God gave you a heart for Him, a heart for others, and – wait for it – He gave you His son to be right there with you when you share Him with others.

Take heart from that!

Take Jesus at His word: The most crucial step to getting past the fear of sharing is putting faith in His promise to help you do it and taking courage from it.

Stop imagining a disconnect where there isn’t one: if you have a heart for others, then you can have the heart for sharing with them. Pray for it and claim the promise!

2. Focus on the Other Side of Fear: Joy

The second step is shifting our focus from fear to joy. The joy that awaits us through sharing our faith.

Imagine the joy of a lost soul when they accept Christ as Lord and savior. Imagine the face of joy that emerges from the waters of baptism. Imagine the joy others will see in a life changed.

You can play a part in all that by being ready to share your faith.  And just imagine the joy you’ll feel after you do.

Really, not be be selfish, but you may get more out sharing than you put into it. Perhaps that’s a sliver lining God built in to grow you closer to Him.

Shift your perspective:  The Great Commission is not a burden – it’s a joy.

Shift your perspective: The Great Commission is not a burden - it's a joy.Click To Tweet

Until you own that perspective, it’s possible the authenticity of your witness is at risk. Our most effective faith sharing is born out of love, not fear or guilt.

So, start praying for the joy of His salvation to be your focus when it comes to sharing your faith.

3. Sharing for the Rest of Us: Simplicity

The last step is actually having a conversation on faith with others. Does that mean you have to start conversations on faith? Nope.

There’s another way: Invite conversations on Christ using the KLŪ outreach tool set.

Short for Keep Looking Up, KLŪ is sharing for the rest of us. Whether you say it, gesture it, or wear it, our simple approach to faith sharing sparks curiosity and gives you an opportunity to answer a softball question.

KLŪ can help you build the heart (aka courage) to start sharing your faith and have fun while doing it.

Let’s start growing the Kingdom of God.  Today.  Because with Jesus at our side, joy in our sights, and easy-to-use tools at the ready, fear doesn’t stand a chance.

To learn more about getting started for free with the KLŪ tool set, click here.

Keep Looking Up!

NOTE:  Scripture quotations are from the Lexham English Bible. Copyright 2013 Lexham Press. Lexham Press is a registered trademark of Faithlife Corporation.