R.M. Bradshaw

My name is Russell Bradshaw.
Pleased to meet you!


KLŪ took root in my life long ago when someone who loved Jesus spoke three simple words into my life: Keep looking up!

As a kid, my Uncle Dave (a spiritual role model of mine) used that phrase when saying goodbye to me. Again, and again, and again.

So, I started saying it to others – maybe before I fully grasped its meaning. At some point, it just became a part of me. People even knew me by it at different points in my life.

And, yes, I eventually figured out what the phrase meant: to look to God for everything.

Fast forward to recent history. After a long legal career (much of it in the courtroom), God called me to take my communication skills and work with my family from home on something decidedly different.

While we developed some strong Christian and/or family brand concepts, they needed more time to bake. The idea of a faith-related brand, however, stuck with me.

And then in the middle of the night I woke up to a simple yet amazing revelation: "Keep Looking Up" reduces to an acronym that sounds like the word clue. Soon after, I woke up another night with wordplay ideas pouring out of my head. Things like "Want a KLŪ?" "In life, you get more than one KLŪ." And so on. I was energized!

My wife (and I, but cautiously) knew this KLŪ thing had legs – we just didn’t know exactly what to do with it.

I really wrestled with the obvious potential of KLŪ to connect with people. And therein lied the answer: KLŪ is a connector. Because it’s fresh, fun, and speaks to people where there at and calls to them from where they want to be.

So R.M. Bradshaw, LLC™, our little Kingdom-minded company built around family, took a leap of faith and launched KLŪ, a Brand of Belief™. Our mission: offer believers useful tools and training that invite turning-point conversations, foster community, and point the way to Jesus.

KLŪ is a family affair: me, my wife, and our two young daughters all chipped in to bring you what you enjoy here today. We’d be honored to have you join us on a journey to make a Kingdom-impact in this mixed-up world.

Keep Looking Up,


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